Life Strategies Workshop

The Workshop will take place over 2 Saturdays in consecutive months with a total of 18 class hours.

We know the challenges you face to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial requirements. The Workshop will cover the following:

  • Social Safety Nets available to you including Federal vs. State systems
  • Social Security, Supplemental Security, Medicare, and Texas Medicaid
  • Legal Issues facing your family and how to deal with them successfully
  • Guardianship, Estate Planning, Trusts
  • Waiver Programs
  • Residence Programs
  • Tools You Need To Help You Reach Your Goals
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Meet your Life Planners

TJ Kroehle

Life Planner, Principal
(972) 964-3444 X101

Michael Deguchi

Life Planner
(972) 964-3444 X114

Hillary Kent

Life Planner
(972) 964-3444 X126